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The memory diet is an empowering informative and motivational read judi and shari zuckers book the memory diet more than 150 healthy recipes for the proper care and feeding of your brain provides readers with the insights to understand how food and diet plays a vital role in good health and well beingthe memory diet written by vidya sury february 20 2011 i like it when the answer to a problem can be traced to food while its great to get regular exercise both physical and mental and get busy with all the crossword puzzles and other activities that are helpful in keeping your memory the way it should be the brain also needs food the diet and memory connection as evidence of this effect are the results of a study conducted by researchers at brigham and womens hospital published online may 17 in the journal annals of neurologywomen in the study who ate the most saturated fats from foods such as red meat and butter performed worse on tests of thinking and memory than women who ate the lowest amounts of these fatsthe memory diets brain boosting recipes are based on the mediterranean intervention neurodegenerative delay mind diet a diet plan that may reduce the risk of developing alzheimers by as much as 53 percentin addition you will learn how to cook these foods the correct way as many cooking methods actually cause biochemical changes in the brain food the memory diet 3 | 5356 views it is safe to say that most of us have at one point or another forgotten someones name or where we left the house keys however if this is happening to you on a regular basis it may be a cause of concern while the world is finding that it is becoming quite possible to achieve longevity if you stay

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